Care Coordination Thought Leadership Series

CarePort explores how providers across the continuum are working together to manage shared patients and improve post-acute outcomes in a series of webinars and other media featuring thought leaders and innovators in healthcare.

Building the Continuum in Case Management

Bonnie Geld, MSW, President of The Center for Case Management discusses how to establish care management processes to connect the dots between all settings of care for patients, so they have smooth transitions and don’t feel fragmentation.

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Care Management Spotlight: CharterCARE Health Partners

Mary McClintock, RN, MSN, CCM, National Director of Case Management Informatics at Alta Hospital Systems takes a deep dive into how CharterCARE Health Partners uses CarePort Care Management to streamline workflows to enable better collaboration between departments.

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It's All About the Relationships: Building a Post-Acute Network to Facilitate Patient Throughput

Molly Shane, Assistant Director of Case Management and Meher Singh, Assistant Director of Social Work at UCSF offer insights on how to identify and quantify the gaps in post-acute discharge and how an Accountable Care Collaborative can aid patient throughput and expand an organization’s network and options for care.

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Standardizing Industry Framework

Susan C. Westgate, MBA, MSW, LCSW-C, Director of Community Care Coordination at LifeBridge Health discusses care coordination challenges, successes and outcomes in this whitepaper preview.

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Top Trends & Take-Aways for PACs in 2018

Jeff Merselis, Vice President of Business Development at CarePort Health, discusses the key trends impacting post-acute care facilities in 2018 and what they mean for you.

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