Take Six with Annie Bigwood, CarePort Partnership Analyst, Implementation

How did you first learn about CarePort Health and what drew you to the Company?

I heard about CarePort Health from Jess Kadar, Head of Product, who I worked with previously.  She had great things to say about the team, the company, the mission and the impact that Lissy was setting out to have in the healthcare space – all of which got me really excited.

When did you develop an interest in healthcare?

My interest in healthcare started in high school when I read a book called ‘Mountains Beyond Mountains,’ which focuses on Dr. Paul Farmer, who is out to change the world of global health through his non-profit, Partners in Health.  I was really interested in social justice in high school, and continue to be, and through reading that book I realized that healthcare is a way to have the most impact in helping people.  So, it all kind of began in high school which led me to my college experiences where I studied abroad in Cameroon and worked with the International Medical Corps. I then moved to Rwanda and worked with a non-profit there, and then went on to do the Peace Corps as a preventative health volunteer. It was through that role in the Peace Corps that I confirmed that I really wanted to work in the healthcare space.  When I got back to the U.S. I wanted to live close to my friends and family, but I also wanted to get involved in the movement of helping to improve the U.S. healthcare system.  That combination of things led me to seek out a career at Boston-based, mission-driven healthcare organizations like CarePort.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I get really excited receiving feedback and requests from clients. I get to bring that feedback to our Product and Development teams, and I sit in on meetings where I get to see how they’re going to bring requests to life – I love that.  My absolute favorite part is when I get to share the update back to the client.  I like to learn about the way the tool is used in the hospital settings and to share good news with them that our product is able to improve the jobs that they do.

If you could switch your job with anyone else at CarePort, whose job would you want and why?

I’d like to try them all, but I’m really interested in the product department.  Product just touches so many parts of the business and in the same way that I love getting feedback and seeing it come to life in a product – the product team makes that happen.  I think that’s a reflection on what I love about working at CarePort in general. It would be really interesting to learn more about that life span.

What are career lessons you’ve learned thus far?

One lesson that I learned from a former co-worker that I try keep top of mind is “always assume positive intent.”  Things move a mile a minute and can get stressful at times, but if you assume that your colleague has the best intent, then you can get past any of the struggles that come up when you’re on a team.  We’re all trying to move forward towards a common positive goal.

Also, always be open to learning.  I think that CarePort in particular is an incredible place to gain a vast amount of knowledge in healthcare, the post-acute space and how to run a business. So, just stay open to every opportunity to learn.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

For me that is music.  While my day to day is very healthcare driven, outside of work I go to a lot of concerts and play music.  My brother just opened a recording studio and I record with him.  I could never live without music.  It brings me a lot of joy and fun. Actually, I think that’s a common thing here at CarePort – we’re all music fanatics.

Thanks to Annie for sitting down with us. If CarePort sounds like a place where you want to contribute, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring!