Take Six with Rachel Lynch, Partnership Analyst

How did you first learn about CarePort, and what made you want to join the company?

My previous role was working at Tufts Medical Center as a Program Coordinator for cardiac patients. When one of these patients was admitted into a skilled nursing facility or home health, my job was to follow them to make sure they were getting appropriate care—things like having labs done, coming in for their appointments, and such. Basically, my whole job was to make sure that these patients weren’t just disappearing off the map, because they were high risk patients. I actually learned about CarePort when I was looking online at technology companies. When I saw that CarePort was setting out to solve the types of issues I encountered at Tufts, I thought it would be a perfect transition to go from experiencing the challenge of keeping track of all these patients firsthand to coming up with software to help do that.

What kinds of things do you do in your role on the implementation team?

Day to day, right now my primary focus is onboarding for CarePort Guide, which involves reaching out to post-acute providers and helping them populate their profiles so that all their information is visible to acute providers as well as patients and families. It’s fun and exciting because I get to talk to all different kinds of people from across the whole country and learn about their facilities while I am onboarding them. It’s rewarding to go from starting off with limited or no profiles in an area and build them up so that there are many. Another big project I took on when I first started at CarePort was working on our post-acute database. That taught me a lot and is still an ongoing project.

Congrats on your recent one-year anniversary at CarePort! What do you like best about working here?

Honestly, probably the people. From the moment I started everyone was so willing to train me and answer any questions I had, to take time out of their day to walk me through the different products, what does what, who to talk to for certain issues. I like that at lunch time everyone sits together. You get to know people outside of what they do at CarePort. Aside from the people, of course I also love the snacks (laughs)!

If you could switch your job with anyone else at the company, who would it be?

I think I’d try out product design. I always took art classes when I was growing up and I’m super into drawing and design in general. I’d be really interested to see how our designer goes about working on the products and making decisions about their look and feel.

Now that you’ve had a couple different roles in healthcare, are there any lessons you want to share about working in the industry?

Just that the patient always comes first, and you should do anything you can to help them—whether that means a phone call like at my last job to make sure patients are doing well and getting follow-up care, or building healthcare products like we do at CarePort. When you’re a patient, you’re at your worst and the family dealing with the illness is at their worst too. I like knowing that we’re helping them.

What do you like to do in your spare time outside of work?

I’m a huge sports fanatic. I follow the Patriots and the Red Sox, basically all the Boston sports teams. I really enjoy watching those games with friends and family. I also enjoy visiting new breweries and trying different beers. I toured Harpoon recently in the Seaport and I went to visit some in Portsmouth around Christmas time.

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