Take Six with Saad Rhoulam, CarePort Senior Software Engineer

What is your role at CarePort?

I’m a Senior Software Engineer and I alternate my time between working on CarePort Guide and CarePort Connect. I go where I’m needed most.

What drew you to CarePort?

I heard about CarePort Health through a recruiter. CarePort’s reputation didn’t precede it; I had to come in through the door before I decided that I want to work here. I got the impression that our head of engineering was very good with people and that he had put a really good culture to work in in place. It assured me. Then I got to speak with some of the team and discovered their philosophy towards solving problems and what they care about in a candidate: The ability to solve problems. It’s these small interactions that speak a lot about our company.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We start the day off with a stand-up meeting that actually is a stand-up meeting. You can stand through the whole thing and your legs won’t ache. I’ve attended 45 minute stand-ups before…we don’t do that here. After that I sit down and set up and I know what to work on that day!

We also have sprint planning, which allows us to communicate to the rest of the company about what we’re working on and demo the product. I like seeing that information spread out across the company. It really tells me a lot about how people communicate and interact with CarePort solutions.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Facing an unpredictable kind of problem. You never really know what’s going to come at you on a technical level until it’s there. In approaching a new challenge, the most fun ones are the ones that you don’t know how to solve until you dig deep into it. You get to think about it a bit, try something, get some feedback and then you work toward a solution. It’s like a challenge – feedback cycle.

What do you like most about working here?

The environment and the culture. For me, it really is what makes a company. A lot of things can be a point of interest, but compared to the environment and culture you work in they’re kind of incidental. The way you work really matters. When you get to work in such a way that brings out the best in you, it’s that much more meaningful to contribute.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

I had the fortune of getting a great translation of The Epic of Gilgamesh earlier this year. It’s the most ancient heroic journey where it documents the story of Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, who just couldn’t empathize with anyone at the beginning, and who had to face his own mortality and come to terms with death. It’s a great story of someone’s growth and maturation as a person. This is a book recommendation, not just an interview answer!

Thanks to Saad for sitting down with us. If CarePort sounds like a place where you want to contribute, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring!