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CarePort®, Powered by WellSky® Introduces New Predictive Analytics to Power Informed Hospital Discharge Decisions

New proprietary algorithms evaluate appropriate post-acute level of care and risk of readmission to achieve successful post-acute outcomes


BOSTON — June 7, 2022 — CarePort, powered by WellSky, a market leader in care transitions, today introduced predictive analytics to help hospitals make more informed discharge decisions about the level of post-acute care a discharged patient will require and the risk of readmission for certain patients. A new feature now available to CarePort Care Management and CarePort Insight clients, these predictive analytics support the discharge decision-making process by assessing the most appropriate post-acute level of care and risk for patient readmission.

Hospital referral patterns vary greatly; while some health systems primarily discharge patients to home health care, others predominantly discharge patients to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). According to CarePort’s predictive analytic algorithms, more than 10% of the average U.S. health system’s post-acute discharges to SNFs in 2021 would have been strong candidates to receive post-acute care in a lower-cost setting, such as the home. To help ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care and are equipped with the necessary resources for a successful recovery, it is incumbent upon hospitals and health systems to approach the discharge process equipped with data to make a more informed decision.

“Providers are faced with determining the right post-acute setting – whether SNF, home health care, or another setting – for a patient’s specific needs. Only when equipped with the right information can providers make an informed decision at this critical juncture in patient care,” said Dr. Lissy Hu, CarePort, powered by WellSky, CEO and founder. “This new feature, supplementary to clinician decision-making, helps providers make more knowledgeable post-acute site of care recommendations based on patients’ specific needs and chances of success.”

The new predictive analytics model displays two algorithms: readmission risk and post-acute level of care. The readmission risk predictive model displays a 30-day readmission risk score, and the post-acute level of care predictive model indicates where the patient falls in the continuum between receiving post-discharge care from a SNF or home health.

By considering cost, quality, outcomes, and similar patient profiles, these predictive analytics models support hospitals and health systems in making data-driven post-acute care decisions for their patients to mitigate readmission risk, reduce potential post-acute care spend, prevent over-utilization of a specific setting of care, and support patients’ successful post-acute recoveries.

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About CarePort®, powered by WellSky®

CarePort is the leading care coordination network with thousands of providers connected across the U.S. The end-to-end platform bridges acute and post-acute EHR data, providing visibility into the entire patient journey for providers, physicians, payers, and ACOs. With CarePort, healthcare professionals can efficiently and effectively coordinate patient care to better manage patients as they move through the continuum. CarePort helps providers meet and comply with the patient event notification Condition of Participation as part of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule and the IMPACT Act. Read more about CarePort on careporthealth.comTwitter, and LinkedIn.



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