naviHealth Care Transition Platform (formerly Curaspan) is joining CarePort, powered by WellSky.

Community and Clinical Care Coordination

Orchestrate care coordination and streamline communication with community-based organizations

WellSky's CarePort discharge solutions enable post-acute providers to create community referrals, coordinate care with partners across the continuum and support patient needs - quickly and efficiently.



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Overview : Post-acute and community Care coordination

Coordinate with community-based organizations across the continuum and track and manage patients in real time with an established national network.

  • Quickly and accurately send referrals to high-quality care providers and community-based organizations
  • Easily share clinical and referral information between providers to improve continuity of care and close the loop as post-discharge services begin 
  • Improve workflows to help support the intake team, reduce social work churn, and strengthen documentation and follow-up tasks 
  • Maximize care coordination through real-time alerts and actionable intelligence to manage patients beyond your facility and optimize partnerships 

Overall benefits:

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WellSky's suite of CarePort solutions





Referral Management

Inquiry Management

CarePort Community

Create referrals to the community and other providers

CarePort Connect

Track and manage patients across the continuum to improve outcomes and spend

CarePort Insight

Assess outcomes using objective, real-time and automated reporting

CarePort Intake

Receive, respond and review all patient referral activity from referral sources in the network

CarePort Referral Management

Receive, respond and review all patient referral activity from referral sources in the network

CarePort Inquiry Management

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