naviHealth Care Transition Platform (formerly Curaspan) is joining CarePort, powered by WellSky.

CarePort Community: Community referral and care coordination platform

A total solution for referral automation and discharge planning

CarePort Community is an EHR-agnostic solution that helps post-acute providers thrive in a rapidly evolving field by providing a comprehensive community referral and care coordination solution. In today’s shifting healthcare environment, post-acute providers are looking to simplify, streamline and optimize referral management processes. CarePort provides the largest end-to-end care coordination network to improve outcomes throughout the continuum.

Take the Challenge Out of Referrals

Manage all referral types in one location

  • Automatically receive and respond to referrals from hospitals, post-acute facilities and community partners. Enter referrals from non-electronic sources and collect important information such as referral sources and referral patterns
  • Simplify all transitions of care through CarePort. Compile and send clinical information and electronic referral information, and manage tasks and assessments to ensure the best care
  • Reduce time spent faxing and calling providers to identify available services with a single, electronic system

Automatic Referral Notifications

  • CarePort gives you around-the-clock connectivity. Receive referral notifications via text, fax or email and view electronic referrals anywhere, any time

Ensure Seamless Transitions of Care

Select the right care providers

  • Route patients to the next setting that can best deliver the care the patient needs

Simplify and streamline care coordination

  • Create efficiency throughout post-acute care management processes by electronically managing the end-to-end care transition process
  • Providers have more risk exposure in post-acute care and need to ensure seamless transitions between different post-acute levels of care







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