CarePort Insight

Assess outcomes using objective, real-time and automated reporting

Hospitals and post-acute providers use CarePort Insight to actively manage post-acute provider networks, strengthen relationships with referral partners and benchmark performance.



Over the course of 12 months,
the average readmission rate for
a SNF changes 6% up and down.

you need real-time data.

Optimize post-acute networks for better patient outcomes

  • Leverage real-time and referring source metrics to compare post-acute performance based on risk-adjusted measures and drill down by individual facility, program, disease or payment model cohorts
  • Determine root cause of rehospitalizations
  • Identify gaps in care and opportunities for improvement
  • Strengthen relationships with referral network and review shared data for ongoing quality improvement

Largest end-to-end care coordination network

With CarePort’s CMS Innovator Status, alongside our extensive real-time data feed and the largest connected acute and post-acute network, we help our partners more accurately predict outcomes for their populations and create benchmarks that are truly representative of post-acute care across the industry. CarePort receives data from a number of different sources including:

  • Acute and post-acute ADT feeds
  • CCD
  • CMS Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse (CCW) through CarePort’s CMS Innovator Status
  • CMS publicly reported data
  • MDS
Overview : blog post

The View Out the Rearview Mirror: The Problem(s) with Claims Data

As part of our ongoing thought leadership webinar series, Esther Moas, Senior Director, Care Continuum at Mount Sinai, and two of her colleagues joined us to discuss the work the team has done to understand and improve the care that patients receive outside of Mount Sinai. As they started trying to track patients in these settings, however, the team encountered multiple obstacles related to the data that was available to them at that time. Their reliance on claims data, in particular, created three major hurdles in reaching their goals. 

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