Value-Based Programs

Manage risk-based populations for better outcomes



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Across MSSP, NextGen, and Commercial Organizations

Closely manage and monitor risk-based patient cohorts such as BPCI-A for the entire care episode to provide high-quality care, drive revenue and mitigate risk.

Overview : Value-Based Programs

Succeed under value-based programs with a complete platform that follows patient care from acute to post-acute and into the community.

  • Attribute patients as bundled payment program members dynamically during the hospital stay 
  • Identify high performing post-acute partners based on quality and acuity, and share post-acute quality metrics to guide patient choice
  • Follow risk-based patient cohorts throughout the continuum and track length of stay
  • Receive alerts for critical patient events like discharges and admissions throughout the entire episode

Overall benefits:

CarePort’s Product Suite




Care Management


Referral Management

CarePort Guide

Guide patient decision-making during discharge and increase referrals to top-performing providers

CarePort Connect

Track and manage patients across the continuum to improve outcomes and spend

CarePort Insight

Assess outcomes using objective, real-time and automated reporting

CarePort Care Management

Power care transitions through a robust post-acute network and streamlined care management workflows

CarePort Transition

Create, manage and send post-acute referrals embedded directly within your EHR

CarePort Referral Management

Receive, respond and review all patient referral activity in a single electronic system

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