Care Coordination Thought Leadership Series

CarePort explores how providers across the continuum are working together to manage shared patients and improve post-acute outcomes in a series of webinars and other media featuring thought leaders and innovators in healthcare.

CarePort Quality Score: Measuring SNF Quality through the Measures that Matter

Introducing the CarePort Quality Score – a refreshed way to measure the quality of care at nursing homes more relevant to the short-stay patient population

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MedAllies and CarePort - Combining Networks for CoP Compliance

CarePort’s new strategic partnership with MedAllies enables CarePort Interop to embed secure, real-time notifications directly within physician workflows in their EHRs. When combined with CarePort’s extensive post-acute network, CarePort Interop helps hospitals comply with CMS’s patient event notification CoP, offering unparalleled connectivity to ambulatory providers, physicians, post-acute providers, and suppliers.

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The Cleveland Clinic & BPCI-A Success: A Single Source of Truth to Connect Care

Identifying, tracking and managing patients affiliated with bundled payment episodes is the only way to succeed under BPCI programs, but doing so is difficult and time consuming without the right data and tools. Join The Cleveland Clinic team to hear the challenges faced and why they turned to CarePort as the source of truth for all BPCI activity.

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