naviHealth Care Transition Platform (formerly Curaspan) is joining CarePort, powered by WellSky.

Care Coordination Thought Leadership Webinar

State of the industry, part II: The future of care transitions

In the first installment of the State of the Industry, leaders from CarePort and Care Transition Platform (formerly Curaspan) came together to discuss the transitions of care industry – where it’s been and where it is today.  

Now, watch Dr. Lissy Hu, founder,  and Rob Fisher, General Manager & SVP, of CarePort, powered by WellSky, discuss the future of care transitions. You’ll hear: 

  • How the pandemic has impacted providers and accelerated changes in care delivery
  • Why connectivity and collaboration with all stakeholders -including physicians – is paramount to bridging gaps 
  • What organizations can do to elevate transitions of care 

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