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CarePort’s Dr. Lissy Hu Presenting at Inaugural Post-Acute Care Integration Summit

Dr. Lissy Hu, CEO and founder of CarePort Health is presenting at the Inaugural Post-Acute Care Integration Summit in Alexandria, VA later this month. Her co-presenter at the conference is Bridgette M. McGrath, RN, Vice President Clinical Programs & Operations Post-Acute Care at eviCore, a national leader in integrated, innovative intelligent care management solutions for managed care and risk-bearing providers.

Their presentation will address how organizations can “Overcome Systemic Challenges: Modernize Payer-Provider Relations in the Post-Acute Space.” While prior presentations have focused on how payers or providers on their own are attempting to improve post-acute care, McGrath and Hu offer new and innovative models for collaboration that spans payers, acute post-acute providers and technology partners. “Bridgette and I both share a vision to improve post-acute care by reducing unnecessary variation in the cost and quality,” said Dr. Hu.

The Inaugural Post-Acute Care Integration Summit is a World Health Congress Executive Series Event. The event focuses on how post-acute care providers fit in a value-based system and highlights the work that post-acute care providers are doing to partner with ACOs, hospitals and health systems to improve outcomes.

“Overcome Systemic Challenges: Modernize Payer-Provider Relations in the Post-Acute Space” takes place Monday, October 23 at 2:20 p.m.


About CarePort Health

CarePort Health, an Allscripts company, and part of the next-generation care management solution, improves post-acute outcomes by providing solutions to guide patients to high-quality providers upon discharge and to track patients – and results – in real-time across the continuum. The end-to-end platform bridges acute and post-acute EHRs, providing visibility into the care that patients receive across post-acute settings so that all providers can efficiently and effectively coordinate patient care.

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