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The evolution of care: An annual care delivery report

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on healthcare delivery in the United States, highlighting the need for increased flexibility, innovation, and resilience in the face of a public health crisis. In this report, based on proprietary data from CarePort, powered by WellSky, we explore the ways care delivery has evolved over the last year and shed light on the implications for patients and providers as we enter a new era of healthcare. 

Key findings:

  • With the end of the public health emergency (PHE), providers need to prepare for the changes in policy, practice, and waived requirements.
  • Hospitals are finding it harder to place patients in the face of rising demand for post-acute care.
  • The time patients spend in the hospital prior to discharge has lessened from its peak during the pandemic, but it’s still higher than pre-pandemic levels.
  • Staffing shortages continue to be a challenge, with widespread burnout and increased turnover leading to the use of costly contract labor to fill gaps.
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