CarePort Care Management

With more than 100,000 members in our network, Care Management is a proven leader in discharge planning and utilization review.

Optimize discharge planning and post-acute selection

Join a vast national network of hospitals and post-discharge providers to:

  • Track and manage referrals with EHR-agnostic discharge and referral management tools
  • Leverage a network of connected post-acute providers to ensure timely placements
  • Understand your organization’s discharge patterns through advanced reporting capabilities
Care Management

Increase utilization management efficiency

Improve patient throughput, track and report avoidable days and connect with payers

  • Ensure that patients have an appropriate status and level of care based on clinical needs
  • Facilitate and streamline communication with payer connectivity
  • Manage denials and appeals effectively

Ensure seamless transitions of care

Health systems have more risk exposure in post-acute care and need to simplify and streamline care management processes from the hospital to post-acute facilities. Care Management:
  • Creates efficiency within care management processes by electronically managing utilization reviews
  • Shares data between utilization review and discharge planning
  • Improves the handoff process by enabling hospitals to bi-directionally collaborate with post-acute settings
  • Achieves a closed-loop handoff by providing all necessary information to the post-acute organization and ensure timely communication
  • Schedules post-discharge follow-up visits with community physicians before the patient leaves the hospital
Care Management

Differentiated network for improved patient outcomes

Additional benefits of CarePort Care Management

Enhanced provider visibility
When CarePort Care Management is integrated with CarePort Guide, patients can see up-to-date information on a facility’s quality scores and clinical services, as well as pictures, virtual tours and amenities.

More informed referrals
Care Management’s dashboards and networks connect to the point of care to give providers the decision support they need to transfer the patient.

Closed-loop handoffs
Hospitals can provide all the necessary information to the post-acute organization and ensure timely communication of patient follow-up needs.

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