Get to know CarePort Referral Management:
A 30-min solution tour

Simplify care transitions with CarePort Referral Management

Post-acute care providers rely on referrals from acute care settings to grow their businesses and drive revenue. 

Yet managing patient referrals can quickly become chaotic and time-consuming. Now, more than ever, optimizing referrals is critical for success in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. 

Join our 30-min solution tour to gain a better understanding of how CarePort Referral Management can help you:

  • Optimize workflows and alleviate staff burden
  • Streamline the referral intake process
  • Monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Grow your agency and enhance your market presence


Any care team member responsible for managing referrals at skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, long-term care facilities, and other sites of care across the continuum, has something to gain from CarePort Referral Management.  

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