Solutions for Health Systems and ACOs

Manage patient outcomes and spend with real-time visibility into your post-acute network
CarePort provides solutions to improve post-acute outcomes by guiding patients to high quality providers upon discharge and tracking patients in real-time across the continuum to facilitate the delivery of coordinated care.
CarePort Guide is a search engine for patients and discharge planners to find post-acute care that matches all of a patient’s needs
  • Increase patient satisfaction with patient-centered discharge planning tools
  • Reduce discharge delays by providing current and complete information about post-acute providers
  • Improve post-discharge outcomes by helping patients select preferred providers proven to deliver quality care
CarePort Connect powers care coordination with real-time data sharing across the full continuum of care
  • Track patient progression across post-acute settings by leveraging CarePort’s real-time acute and post-acute connections
  • Receive instant notifications of critical patient events such as hospital readmissions and care transitions as they occur
  • Share benchmarks and clinical guidelines with the next level of care
CarePort Insight simplifies and consolidates post-acute outcomes measurement, provider performance reporting, and ongoing benchmarking
  • Automate data sharing by leveraging CarePort’s real-time acute and post-acute connections
  • Manage your post-acute network with information on key outcomes such as length of stay and readmission rate by post-acute provider and patient population
  • Eliminate the need for error-prone and burdensome manual reporting by post-acute providers
CarePort Care Management is an EHR-agnostic, cloud-based solution that optimizes care transitions and care coordination activities.
Care Management
  • Navigate and effectively transition patients to the next step in their care
  • Filter care options based on quality, available services, geography, and preferred provider networks
  • Increase conversion to preferred providers

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