Care Collaboration Across the Continuum

Learn more about how CarePort can help you with collaborative care across the continuum:

  • Guide patient decision-making during discharge and increase referrals to top-performing providers
  • Receive live updates on when and where patients get care throughout the post-hospital period, whether it’s at a skilled nursing home, the emergency room, or at home with home health
  • Identify gaps in care and opportunities for improvement within your post-acute network
  • Drill down and evaluate post-acute provider performance on your specific patient populations such as those tied to a bundled payment program or other value-based initiative

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wasted annually due to failures
in care coordination

$45B is wasted annually due to failures in care coordination, which is why care collaboration across the continuum is crucial. Whether a hospital, health system, health plan or ACO is looking to succeed under certain quality measures or to improve their financial outcomes, tracking patients and care collaboration beyond your four walls is an important step for any organization.

CarePort provides a comprehensive care collaboration platform that can help you partner with payers and providers, as well as track your patients across the continuum. Whether it’s guiding patients to higher-quality providers upon discharge or receiving real time patient event notifications if a patient presents back at a hospital, hospitals, health systems and health plans can ensure patients receive the appropriate care for better patient outcomes and optimized care collaboration. Manage care transitions across the continuum with the largest care collaboration network that exists today.