Solutions for Post-Acute Providers

Enhance coordination and collaboration with the full continuum of care
CarePort provides solutions to connect post-acute providers to hospitals, health systems, physician groups and ACOs so that all participants can efficiently and effectively coordinate patient care.
CarePort Guide: Provide information on the full range of services that your organization offers to patients and discharge planners
  • CarePort Guide is an interactive guide used by discharge planners and patients to find post-acute care
  • Share the most current information about your organization’s quality scores, clinical services, accepted insurances, and bed availability
  • Highlight your organization’s amenities and display photos and virtual tours
CarePort Connect: Receive and share real-time patient information to help manage your patients
  • CarePort sends you key patient information so that you can identify ACO, BPCI, CJR, CR, high-risk readmission and other patient populations at the start of care
  • Instant notifications of critical events such as ED presentations to facilitate care coordination and prevent possible hospital readmissions
  • CarePort applications integrate with your EHR so your organization can automatically share key patient events in real-time with other care providers
CarePort Insight: Reduce the manual overhead of data capture and report generation
  • CarePort applications integrate with your EHR and automatically capture key outcome measures
  • On-demand reporting allows segmentation by referral partner, attribution and DRG
  • Competitive benchmarking enables you to understand your organization’s performance within the context of the local healthcare market
CarePort Referral Management allows post-acute care facilities to streamline the transition of care process and track all patient referrals in a single system
Referral Management
  • Receive, review, and respond to electronic referrals from your computer or mobile device and enter referrals received from non-electronic sources
  • Receive automatic notifications of incoming referrals with alerts to minimize missed calls
  • Customize worklists that fit your intake process
  • Track patients throughout the continuum and share clinical data with acute partners in real time

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