CarePort Referral Management

CarePort Referral Management allows post-acute care facilities to track all patient referrals in a single system

Manage referrals all in one place

Our referral management system allows you to automatically receive and respond to referrals from hospitals, enter referrals from non-electronic sources, and collect important marketing information. Enhance your market presence, streamline the intake process, and achieve sales and census management goals.

Referral Management

Streamline the transition of care process between hospitals and post-acute care facilities


1,000 hospitals and 20,000 post acute care customers nationwide will exchange over 14 million electronic hospital referrals.

Improve Your Referral Process

  • Receive, review, and respond to electronic referrals from your computer or mobile device and enter referrals received from non-electronic sources
  • Receive automatic notifications of incoming referrals with alerts to minimize missed calls
  • Customize worklists that fit your intake process
  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Increase visibility to referral sources in the CarePort database
  • Track approval process
  • Monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities with real-time reporting tools

A Total Solution for Referral Automation

CarePort Referral Management Discharge Planning combines the powerful CarePort Referral Management solution with these additional features:

  • Discharge Planning: Post-acute care customers use CarePort to send referrals to the next appropriate level of care
  • Assessments: Assessment data can be added to the patient record that is configurable by the organization and can be included with the referrals
  • Tasking: Personnel manage the tasks involved in the intake process
  • Business Documents: Users generate business letters and documents
  • Referral Work List: Admit patients right from the referral work list eliminating manual entry and helping to retain key data

Seamlessly Transfer Your Post-Acute Patient Data

CarePort automatically transfers hospital referral information into back office clinical and financial systems. This allows the reuse of patient demographic, financial, and clinical data and eliminates the re-keying of referral information.

Referral Automation Post-Acute Patient Data

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