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CEO perspective: CarePort as a company

CarePort has grown quite a bit since we started as a scrappy startup, and particularly in the last two years. Over that time, we’ve added a lot more people, but the underlying culture of the company has remained. I’m proud of that – and of the people who work here. That’s why I want to share more about our culture and people with you.

When I started this company, it was important for me to hire people that I wanted to work with every day and to build a culture that was open and collegial. For a company to succeed, the means need to justify the ends: we want to build an awesome product that makes a difference, but we also want to make sure that we were doing so in a way that was positive experience for everyone who joined the company.

Here are some of the characteristics of our working culture that make me proud:

  • Collaborative. There are no egos here. This mentality pervades every part of how we work. We have an open office where everyone sits together. We have regular team lunches. Our product meetings include input from sales, engineering and customer success. We have active Slack channels with conversations that span from serious product development to healthcare policy to happy hour locales.
  • Fast-paced. I sought out team members who are adaptable and flexible. Finding people who are open to change is especially important because market conditions evolve quickly in today’s healthcare landscape.
  • Independence. We treat everyone like adults. No one is peeking over anyone’s shoulder. This is something I learned in medicine: hire the right people and have the trust that your team member is not going to let you down.
  • Impact. We are mission-driven, with the deep belief that our products will help patients. Most of the team members have been exposed to the patient side of medicine/healthcare in some way. Everyone is motivated to better healthcare delivery. This mission is also reflected by our larger parent Allscripts. During one of the first senior leadership meetings I attended, Allscripts CEO Paul Black spoke to the importance of truly believing in the mission. He said that skills are trainable, but at a baseline we need everyone to have integrity and belief that Allscripts is making patient’s lives better. That’s what everyone who works at CarePort brings to the larger team.

Additionally, while it’s not something that we necessarily set out to do, in building this culture, we have organically attracted several talented women. Right now, women make up more than 50% of our team, including in our product and marketing leadership roles. As a woman, I am especially proud that we’ve built a place where other smart women want to work.

If this sounds like the kind of place where you want to work, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring now and have plans to grow in 2018, so keep checking back or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Finally, check back here next month for the next installment of this new blog feature that will include interviews with our employees and perspectives on our company.

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