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Extending your Epic Investment: How to Optimize your EMR for Success

According to the 2022 Healthcare Provider IT Report from Bain & Company and KLAS Research, cross-solution interoperability and poor electronic medical record (EMR) integration are some of the biggest challenges providers are facing with their current tech stacks. Additionally, providers are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change leading to increasingly disparate and complex solutions that are difficult to manage. To further complicate things, there is no shortage of new offerings on the market, making it more challenging than ever for providers to evaluate their options and stay on top of solution innovation. 

To address these challenges, many providers are exploring applications designed for their EMR and how to maximize their current investment with turnkey solutions. A recent CarePort, powered by WellSky webinar took a deeper dive into the growing trend and how solutions specifically designed for Epic users managing care transitions can make a big impact. Here are some of the highlights: 


Streamlining processes & end-user experience 

Many care coordination and discharge planning tools require users to constantly toggle between their EMR application and a referral solution, leading to unnecessary, inefficient workflows and increased staff burden. When workflows are complicated and require multiple applications and databases, it can take longer to train staff and complete tasks. 

Embedded solutions allow users to stay in the EMR but access both systems, streamlining workflows, boosting efficiency, and improving ease-of-use.  


Accessible data 

Solutions that require extensive training and maintenance increase the burden on staff who are already short on time and resources. Additionally, when information is fragmented across different siloes, it can lead to more staff time spent managing phone calls and faxes with post-acute providers and challenges in reporting. 

Access to real-time data like length of stay, critical patient events, and outcomes across the continuum, enables providers to make more informed decisions, improving care, reducing readmissions and controlling costs. 


Post-acute authorization 

Historically post-acute facilities were responsible for obtaining authorization and determining patient eligibility for post-acute care. However. During the pandemic, many organizations decided to take the burden on themselves to initiate the authorization process, so they had visibility into the delays. But that shift left many organizations wondering where to start and how to collect and measure success.  

A centralized, electronic post-acute authorization process, with visibility into wait times and other key metrics, makes it easier for organizations to track authorizations and reduces the amount of staff time spent on the phone or using a fax machine to collaborate with various payers.  


How CarePort can help: 

CarePort offers Epic EHR users a suite of easy-to maintain solutions, embedded directly in the Epic environment, to improve care transitions, workflows, and outcomes, available in the Epic Connection Hub. With CarePort, Epic users gain access to a national post-acute database, a robust connected network, and embedded workflows to power care management across the continuum.  

CarePort Transition offers a streamlined workflow solution embedded directly within the EHR that provides case managers with more intelligent decision making around transitions of care. Additionally, CarePort Transition allows users to submit, track, and manage post-acute authorization requests. With CarePort Transition, users gain access to a national database of post-acute providers notifications, and communication tools, saving valuable time and improving care coordination and transitions.  

CarePort Connect enables Epic users with the ability to track and manage patients across settings of care and enable timely follow up and interventions at the patient or member level to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, all from within Epic. 


Want more? Check out the on-demand webinar and learn more about how CarePort can help your organization optimize your EMR for success.

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