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CarePort granted Innovator status by CMS, creating one of the nation’s largest post-acute data sets

I’m excited to announce that CarePort has been granted Innovator status by CMS, making it one of a select few population health businesses that have access to CMS’ Chronic Conditions Warehouse (CCW). The CCW contains a wealth of data on Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries across the nation. Coupled with the robust real-time data we continually collect from our health system, hospital, payer, and post-acute provider partners, the Innovator designation means that CarePort now has access to one of the largest post-acute data sets in the country. With this information, CarePort will continue to help its partners more accurately predict outcomes for their populations and as a result, provide more proactive, clinically appropriate care for patients.

About the Data Contained in the CCW

The CCW is a massive national research database that was established to identify areas where quality of care can be improved for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Here are just a few examples of the types of data the CCW houses:

  • MDS assessments. The MDS is a standardized assessment that must be completed for all SNF patients; to put the breadth of this data into perspective, there are more than 15,000 SNF providers in the United States.
  • Claims data. This includes data on national post-acute care facility resource utilization.
  • Master Beneficiary Summary File. This file segments beneficiaries into enrollment type and allows us to distinguish between fee-for-service, Medicare Advantage, and dual-eligible patients.

How We Will Use the Data to Improve Outcomes

Along with our own massive store of real-time patient data, our access to the CCW’s data will allow CarePort to create benchmarks that are truly representative of post-acute care across the industry. We will also be able to factor differences in care practices across geographic regions into our models. Armed with this wealth of data, the CarePort Analytics team now has the ability to improve upon existing predictive models that identify high-acuity and high-risk patients, as well as predict length of stay in post-acute care settings and help identify the appropriate care settings for patients following hospital discharge. We are also developing our own quality measures, independent of CMS’, that profile post-acute care providers and appropriately risk-adjust for population acuity.

With this data, we will be able to help our partners better navigate the care continuum and ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care available. It’s an exciting time to be a data scientist at CarePort!

Learn more about CarePort’s suite of data-driven solutions that bridge the gap between acute and post-acute environments.

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