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Wine with CarePort: Improving the Current State of Care Coordination for Physician Practices

CarePort®, powered by WellSky®, recently hosted an exclusive virtual event for ambulatory executives from across the country that paired insightful discussion with a delicious wine tasting experience.  

Tommy Gotreaux, Senior Clinical Solutions Architect, Sara Radkiewicz, Head of Product, and Merritt Leopard, Area Vice President at CarePort, led an interactive discussion on evolving value-based care programs, transitional care management technology and the revenue and patient engagement opportunities you might not even know you are missing. They were also joined by a sommelier who kept things light and relaxed by leading tastings throughout the 75-minute virtual event. 

Here are some of the topics discussed during the event: 


Managing referrals and communicating with other providers 

In a poll, all attendees indicated they see their practices growing in value-based programs over the next few years. As their practices grow, so do their concerns about inefficient and manual acute and post-acute referral processes and lack of collaboration and visibility with other providers that could limit their ability to scale and provide adequate patient care. 

How CarePort can help: 

CarePort connects care teams across the entire continuum to provide visibility into your patient’s care journey and enables efficient referral management by automating referrals to CarePort’s holistic connected network of 2,000 hospitals and 130,000+ post-acute and community providers.  

With CarePort, ambulatory providers can influence the discharge plan by sharing preferred post-acute and community-based providers directly with the acute discharge planner. CarePort also streamlines communication with post-acute providers with real-time, electronic messaging to help better manage and track patients as they move across the care continuum. 


Managing post-acute care spend 

With home and community-based settings of care becoming more important, primary care providers are increasingly being tasked with helping manage post-acute care spend. 

Attendees mentioned multiple reasons as to how this can be difficult: 

  1. They struggle with knowing where their patients are outside of their care 
  2. They have difficulty obtaining quality and performance insights on their referral partners 
  3. Staffing constraints have limited their ability to efficiently perform follow-up and take necessary action 


How CarePort can help: 

With CarePort, providers are empowered to make more appropriate decisions for their patients and connect more efficiently with home and community-based organizations as patients transition across the care continuum.   

CarePort enables providers to:  

  • Prevent readmissions with risk stratification for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and home health agencies 
  • Quickly identify patients who are higher risk or might have an excessive or over-reaching length of stay (LOS) 
  • Analyze post-acute provider performance to build and manage relationships 
  • Guide patients to the highest quality post-acute providers 
  • Reduce unnecessary utilization of high-cost healthcare settings 



Transitional Care Management 

Providers can be better compensated for providing coordinated and connected care and delivering value to their patient populations by conducting transitional care management (TCM) services. While many practices are already doing some TCM billing, it can be confusing and difficult to manage, potentially leading to lost revenue. 

Inefficiencies in TCM billing can be attributed to a variety of reasons such as staffing shortages, data inconsistencies from unreliable ADT feeds or a complicated HIE, and gaps in visibility into care settings and technology. 

Attendees shared that it’s often unclear when their patients are discharged from post-acute facilities, and they rely on staff members to manually call facilities every day to get updates on their patients. 


How CarePort can help: 

CarePort solutions simplify workflows and provide real-time, actionable data from multiple settings of care to improve quality, savings, and generate revenue through improved program performance and Transitional Care Management billing. CarePort provides: 

  • Real-time notifications of patient admissions and discharges from acute and post-acute facilities 
  • Daily worklists of patient discharges for follow-up, including acute discharges outside of your own system 
  • Identify opportunities for patient engagement improvements such as, prompt follow-ups and medication reconciliation 
  • Electronic communication with post-acute and community providers, saving time and resources from manual processes 


CarePort’s TCM Billing Revenue Calculator shows how much additional revenue your practice could capture by efficiently billing for TCM. 


Learn how CarePort can help ambulatory providers gain visibility, intelligence, and the ability to influence care across the continuum.

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