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Improving Post-Acute Care and Cost with Technology

WellSky recently hosted an exclusive virtual event for post-acute care executives from across the country. Kraig McKinley, Vice President of Post-Acute at WellSky, led an interactive discussion on industry trends and care transition challenges post-acute providers are facing. Kraig was joined by Kelly Zalokar, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Legacy Health Services, and Lisa Leveque, Vice President of Strategic Alignment and Care Transformation at Bandera Healthcare, Arizona’s Ensign affiliated market. Together, they shared how they are unlocking clinical, operational, and financial value with WellSky CarePort solutions. Here are some topics discussed during the event: 


Accessing real-time data 

Attendees shared how leveraging the capabilities and insights within WellSky CarePort solutions helps the entire care team better understand each facility within their organization and the ways they can improve outcomes for both patients and their organization. Access to this information enables providers to strengthen their relationships with partners, evaluate and establish themselves in the market, and help improve patient outcomes. 

With WellSky CarePort solutions for referral engagement and care coordination, post-acute organizations are able to optimize workflows and improve organization performance. For example, users can: 

  • Receive critical referral information from partners and engage in two-way dialogue centered around patient needs  
  • Exchange data and clinical documentation across all care settings with real-time visibility into patient encounters  
  • Drive care decisions with actionable intelligence by coordinating care and appropriate interventions earlier to reduce readmissions 


Improving quality of care 

Post-acute providers play a critical role in care transitions and providing quality care for patients. Beyond receiving patient referrals and exchanging phone calls with hospital partners to understand patient history, attendees shared how WellSky solutions provide a more complete picture of patient utilization history to save time, close gaps in care, and improve partner relationships across the care continuum.  


Communicating and collaborating with referral partners 

Attendees also shared that hospitals face documentation challenges when patients return for services, procedures, or acute care. With CarePort Connect, hospitals can effectively communicate and request essential documents, such as discharge summaries or discharge medication lists, especially for patients in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or a collaborative provider network. With CarePort Connect, this critical information remains accessible throughout the entirety of the patient’s care journey.  

CarePort Connect provides: 

  • A centralized place to engage in two-way communication, offering transparency into medication details and instructions 
  • Enhanced collaboration opportunities on shared patients between referral partners  
  • Comprehensive data to establish and refine performance measures and goals with referral partners 


Driving high-performing partnerships  

High-performing partnerships hinge on the crucial capability to collect data and share insights with hospital collaborators. During the event, attendees shared how the ability to collect and share insights from performance data in CarePort solutions supports their commitment to work collaboratively with referral partners to improve patient outcomes.  

WellSky CarePort referral engagement and care coordination solutions provide insight into facility referral data and payer mix for a comprehensive performance view. In addition, users can see internal performance data, highlighting opportunities to make improvements and address any inefficiencies. Understanding and improving the metrics that are important to both your organization and your partners is a critical part of establishing high-performing partnerships.  


Leveraging the WellSky suite of CarePort solutions for post-acute providers helps drive positive outcomes and fosters real-time engagement among referral partners to enhance quality of care, improve operational processes, and drive financial value.  In addition to simplifying and streamlining referral and response procedures, WellSky CarePort solutions facilitate enhanced collaboration and performance data transparency, allowing for more efficient patient management, fostering the establishment of high-quality partnerships, and ultimately improving patient care and outcomes. 

Learn more about how WellSky CarePort solutions can help your organization improve patient care and decrease spending with increased visibility, intelligence and influence.

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