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WellSky Spotlight Awards: Leadership in Action | Cleveland Clinic

From the WellSky blog:

This year at CareForum, we presented our inaugural WellSky Spotlight Awards. These awards recognize clients who have been true partners to WellSky and have pushed us to new limits, enabling greater capabilities for all our clients.  

Leadership in Action Award 

The Leadership in Action Award recognizes a client who works with WellSky to make our solutions and services better. Tim Ashe, chief clinical officer at WellSky, presented the first-ever Leadership in Action Award to the Cleveland Clinic. 

Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Connected Care provides a set of clinical programs designed to help patients with their post-hospital needs. Their goal is keeping patients connected to the highest quality care as they transition from the hospital to post-acute care.  

Cleveland Clinic frequently partners with the WellSky data team to help understand the value behind certain metrics. They have been beta testers of everything from network management dashboards to new CarePort Connect and Insight features, providing the solutions team with real world use cases and feedback on new features. 

In addition, members from the Cleveland Clinic regularly engage in our client advisory boards, driving discussions about the workflows and successes they’ve seen. Their insights are invaluable in helping to shape the future roadmap of WellSky solutions. 

 Accepting the award was Jessica Marzulli, Program Manager, Center for Connected Care.  

 Please join us in congratulating Cleveland Clinic!  

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