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Care Coordination Thought Leadership Webinar

Preferred Providers in the Era of Patient Choice and the IMPACT Act

Many health systems have set up partnerships with post-acute providers to improve post-acute quality and cost outcomes. Hospital discharge planners are now expected to communicate these partnerships with patients when selecting post-acute providers. At the same time, Medicare guidelines require that discharge planners give patients choice. Another complexity that has been introduced is with the IMPACT Act of 2014, where new proposed conditions of participation are being finalized that require the sharing of quality information with patients and families. In this webinar, we tackle how you as a care coordination or case management leaders operationalize preferred provider programs that take into account all these intricacies.  

On this webinar, “Preferred Providers in the Era of Patient Choice and the IMPACT Act” thought leaders Pat Blaisdell, VP Care Coordination at California Hospital Association and Ross Margulies, Attorney at Foley & Hoag discuss:

  • How the rise of preferred provider programs impacts hospital case management
  • What leadership must consider from a legal and compliance perspective when operationalizing post acute partnerships
  • How to guide patients to high performing providers while demonstrating compliance with patient choice and IMPACT Act

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