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Leveraging data to improve your 3-Day Rule Waiver program

This post is Part Two of our coverage of the 3-day rule waiver and explains how to use data analytics to strengthen your 3-day rule waiver program. Part One shared strategies for building a program to manage this patient population. Our first post on the 3-day rule waiver focused on considerations for building a program, […]

CEO perspective: CarePort as a company

CarePort has grown quite a bit since we started as a scrappy startup, and particularly in the last two years. Over that time, we’ve added a lot more people, but the underlying culture of the company has remained. I’m proud of that – and of the people who work here. That’s why I want to […]

How five dysfunctions of a team make care coordination teams thrive

The rise of care coordination – led by both regulatory changes and industry shifts – is prompting healthcare systems to think about new care coordination strategies between hospitals and downstream post-acute care providers. Many of the organizations that we work with are looking for better ways to coordinate post-discharge care. Because there’s such an interest in […] uses cookies to help ensure the best possible experience for users.